Presentations are both an art and a science.  Some presenters have a great persona and charisma, but you leave after the seminar asking yourself what you learned.  Some presenters have great content but put you to sleep.  We strive to merge the art of dynamic presentation skills with the science of effective content.  The audience will leave our presentations after having an enjoyable time, and also a time of growing their professional skills and knowledge.

We do presentations across America, with state and regional meetings, local groups, and large national groups.  Among the companies that have sponsored our presentations are Essilor and Transitions Optical Inc.  We have also done presentations for state Optometric and Opticians associations.

We also do custom presentations made to order for specific groups.  Let us know how we can add energy to your group or organization’s meeting or conference.

Know Your Numbers

Learn which numbers are vital to manage the business of your practice, what the national benchmarks are, and what your targets should be.

Managing Managed Vision Care

With Managed Vision Care now accounting for over 2/3 of the average practice’s revenue, it is important to maximize your revenues and minimize time wasted for staff.

Thin is In

Our society is obsessed with becoming thin.  This course gives you all of the tricks to making your patients’ lenses thinner.

How to Sell Sunwear

The difference between a practice that can’t sell sunwear and one that has sunwear flying off the shelves is simple: knowledgeable staff and educated patients.  We can give you great information to help you achieve both

Warranties, Remakes and Exchanges: It’s All Free!

The percentages of warranty and remake work is growing, mainly because we don’t understand the inherent cost to our practice.  This course goes through the cost details and also gives recommended ways to support your patients without costing your practice a huge chunk of income.

It’s All in the Package

Consumers love the convenience of packaging, but only about 10% of Eye Care Practitioners use packaging in their offices.  This presentation will help you set up effective and useful packages in your practice that will help your patients get the visual benefits they deserve!