We also have consulting options on an hourly basis, per day basis, and can construct plans that meet your practice’s needs.  We can consult by phone and electronically, as well as in office at your site.  Call or e-mail us for more information

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Business Financial Status

We will give you your financial status by business category based on your monthly or annual financial figures.  You will also receive your performance balanced against national benchmarks for each category, and receive guidance on how to improve your financial performance.  Regular price: $995.00 SPECIAL Total Cost: $500.00!

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Free Market Share Calculation

e-mail us your market’s population and the number of eye examinations you do in an average month, and we will send you your market share at no charge!

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The Big Picture

Let’s face it. It is getting harder and harder to remain profitable in the eye care profession today. Managed Vision Care is taking a bigger bite out of the industry, accounting for over two thirds of the revenue of the average practice. Reduced reimbursements, delayed payments, rejected claims – all cost you money.

Increasing government regulations require your staff’s time and energy with HIPPA and soon electronic medical records. Add to the mix staff turnover, more competition from mass retailers and “Big Box” competitors like Walmart, increasing overhead costs such as heat and power, taxes headed up… its not a pretty picture. In fact, a thousand private eye care practices on average went out of business every year from 1999 to 2004!

Why Use a Consultant?

Eye doctors have what is arguably the hardest job there is.  They need to be excellent scientists, biologists, chemists and physicians all rolled up into one just to be on top of their game with patients.  Then comes the even harder job: managing their practice, while spending 90% of their time in the exam room.  It is hard to know how well the staff is performing without being able to observe them.

A consultant can assist you and your practice on several fronts: managing the business of your practice, guiding the business of your practice, and growing the revenues generated from that business.

Consultants can also give you a great deal of peace of mind by taking the difficulties of implementing change out of your hands and shepherding the appropriate changes through the practice and staff.  

The most important reason to use a consultant is money.  In these days of tight budgets and falling profitability, a consultant can help you achieve the rewards you deserve for your expertise and diligence

You need an ally.  One with the experience to do more than just recommend changes, one that will stand with you to implement change in your busy office.  Our consulting services enable you to focus on treating your patients while we give you tools to build top-line sales and profitability, while driving efficiency and patient satisfaction.

The good news is there are still ways to improve your bottom line! Better still, there are tools available to help you and your staff increase your profitability that are:

  1. easy for you and your staff to use
  2. appreciated by your patients
  3. more efficient for the practice
  4. help increase patient satisfaction

What does it take to get there? Let the professionals at Rollins Consulting LLC explain the details today! We are as close as a phone call or e-mail. Our work (and your results) is guaranteed!